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Proud to be serving the communities of: Colwich, Great Haywood, Little Haywood and Wolseley Bridge.

The council would like to thank Dawn Lockett for the photographs used throughout this site.



Youth Council Poster 


- Would you like to become a Youth Councillor?

Colwich Parish Council now has a parish Youth Council. If you are a young person in year groups 6 to 13 and would like to be part of the Youth Council, please contact the Parish Clerk for further information. 

Picture of Jubilee Playing Field


JPF Play Area

The play area has been re-opened on 5th August, 2020, following the period of lock-down.

Before using the Play Area, please see the Risk Assessment and Health and Safety Poster so that you can keep yourself and other users as safe as possible.

Parish Office & Jubilee Playing Fields

Please note that the Parish Office will be closed for the foreseeable future, so as to protect visitors and staff. You can still contact the clerk by the e-mail address shown on the "Contact us" page and individual councillors via the details shown on the "Your councillors" page.

Civic Amenity Visits

To minimise the impact of Coronavirus on recycling and waste services, and to help ensure essential services can be delivered for as long as possible, the decision has been made by Stafford Borough Council to suspend all Civic Amenity visits until further notice.

Picture of roadworks sign on Mill Lane

Mill Lane improvement works 

I thought it timely to provide the Parish Council with an update on the Mill Lane pedestrian improvements project as it has been several months since we met on site.

Basic Plan 

The basic plan remains as previously discussed with the following main objectives of the project:

  • Installation of an improved footway facility on Mill Lane with traffic signals used to control traffic as pedestrians walk underneath the arched rail bridge. This will bring significant safety benefits at this location and allow pedestrians to safely get to and from the village from the Marina and other destinations available on foot;
  • To control traffic speeds entering the village through the extension of the current 30 mph speed limit on the approach to Great Haywood from the Stafford side and the introduction of a 40 mph speed limit to act as a buffer to the 30 mph section.
  • No Waiting At Any Time parking restrictions to protect sections of the highway on the eastern approach to the proposed traffic signals.


Since we met at the beginning of October 2020 we have contacted Stafford Borough Council to understand the planning authority’s position regarding the necessary changes to the highway boundary alongside the property immediately adjacent to the rail bridge. I can confirm that we have met with a planning officer of the Borough Council today and he has suggested a further meeting takes place early next week to consider the impact our proposals would have on the conservation area status of the village. This is likely to require amendments to the preliminary design to be made in order to satisfy the conservation officer’s comments.

Assuming we can reach agreement with the planning authority we intend to then begin negotiations on the terms of a land transfer between the current owners and the highway authority. This land is needed to accommodate the improvements to the footway. Plans have been prepared and subject to the above will be issued to the residents. Please note that timescales associated with land transfers are notoriously difficult to predict.

Network Rail 

We have re-entered discussions with Network Rail over various approvals and permissions to undertake the highway works in the immediate vicinity of the rail bridge. Network Rail seem to have received our preliminary plans positively but we still need to agree certain details.

We have carried out some of the detailed design work necessary to provide our contractor with the necessary information on which to base their price for the works and to produce a construction programme.

Please note that this essential project is complex due to the involvement of a number of third parties – Stafford Borough Council, Network Rail, various utility companies and, not least, the owners of *******. There is also the requirement to make a legally enforceable traffic regulation order in relation to the speed limit and parking restrictions. Traffic notices are also needed for the installation of the traffic signals equipment. Dealing with each of these parties and the various matters pertaining to the project’s delivery is time consuming and not risk free.

County Council 

The County Council is committed to the delivery of this project and intends to commence construction later in 2021. Currently we are planning this to be in the summer but as with all projects of this nature there are a number of challenges to meet, most of which are outside the direct control of the County Council.