Contacts for Local Associations 2022/2023


Colwich & Haywoods Community Association

Cllr Hardwick

Colwich & Haywoods Twinning Association

Cllrs Dunn (GH); Bloor (LH)

Colwich & Haywoods Voluntary Transport Scheme

Cllr Upton-Loach

Colwich & Little Haywood Village Hall Committee

Cllr Hardwick

Colwich Parochial Charities

Cllrs Dunn (GH); Cllr Plant (LH)

Great Haywood Memorial Hall Committee

Cllr Bloor

Sustainability in Colwich and the Haywoods

To be confirmed 


Colwich Allotment Association

Cllr Upton-Loach


Cllr Upton-Loach

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

Cllr Upton-Loach

Rural Parish Councils Group

Cllr Plant

Trent Valley Collaboration Group 


Colwich Parish in Bloom

 Cllr Bloor